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  • Captain Stephen Glenn, Memphis, USA

    Five years ago I purchased my leather jacket from Bombay Crew Mall.  I love it - it is the most comfortable jacket I have ever worn.  I ordered the jacket online, and Aniel emailed me several times to check my measurements and ensure a perfect fit.
    This year I accidentally ripped the leather.  I shipped the jacket to Aniel and he promptly repaired it perfectly, for a very reasonable fee.
    I will happily continue to wear this jacket for many years.
    Captain Stephen Glenn
    Fedex Express
    2017-12-22 02:20:12
  • Gay Schmid, Salt Lake City

    I first met Aniel when my husband started flying 777s to Mumbai. Aniel is an absolute treasure! The minute you walk in his shop or meet him in the crew hotel, he and his staff treat you like family. Need a leather bag? Custom leather jacket to bring home to a loved one? Stylish leather purse? Aniel crafts them all -- with superlative quality and workmanship -- and at an incredibly reasonable prices. Aniel manages the fittings in person with ease. Ordering online can be more challenging but not for Aniel! He goes to the lengths of the earth to ensure that everything you order is perfect. Aniel is also an amazing innovator and always has some new product on hand that after you purchase it, you wonder how you managed without it. I can't recommend Aniel more highly!!!

    Mrs Schmid



    2016-08-18 06:50:53
  • Tim Powell, Athens, Ga

    Purchased a leather jacket as well as some pilot shirts. Shirts are very comfortable and custom made with such features as metal collar stays and a design to prevent the tails from pulling out. Aniel offers many custom features to make your shirt the way you want them. I've been very pleased with the quality and look of the shirts and jacket.

    Tim P

    United Pilot


    2016-08-14 02:54:37
  • Ed Silvanic, Pensacola, FL

    It's coming to an end, yep after 29 years I will be retiring in November. We all have our favorite layovers for places we enjoy touring and relax as well as establishing new friends. It has been a honor and privilege to know Aniel's mom and dad who run the store in Dubai. My mom and dad away from home, you can't get out of there without being fed with some amazing food. There leather products are second to none. I recently bought the crew rest bed sheet sleeping bag, what a difference that makes. Additionally I just ordered two retirement gifts to myself, custom black/brown leather jackets that you just won't find in the US with high quality leather at very reasonable price. The store in Mumbai is unique as well, again your not going to leave there without some great food. The store is conveniently located at the ITC hotel on the main floor, so if you forgot any uniform articles, He's got it and if not, he will get it. He has plenty of unique organizing products that make your trip at ease instead of items scattered throughout your suit case and hotel room. I recently bought what I call the leather Billy Stick, I'll let your imagination go there, however, recently coming off vacation, I was shopping with my wife and many items were purchased, opened up my Leather Billy Stick and now I've got a good size tote to carry all the items. So the next time your in Mumbai check his store out. Thanks Aniel for great products and service and of course the dinner you sent to my room! See you soon.rnrnCAPT Ed FedEx/777/MEM

    2016-07-30 09:01:28
  • Randy Bright, Fedex Express

    Aniel's dedication to quality of craftsmanship is apparent in every product he makes. I have his pilot bag, leather coat, uniform shirts .... Even the crew rest sheet he designed for crew members on their airborne rest breaks! Aniel puts his name behind everything he makes and I have no hesitation in buying from him. I know it will be outstanding!


    FedEx 777 MEM pilot

    2016-07-30 09:00:51
  • Phil, Frankfurt

    Great leather jacket. High quality and super fast.rnThank you very much for the friendly and very personal service!


    2016-07-30 09:00:08
  • John Billon, Los Angeles, California

    I met Aniel in 1991. Delta Crews have made it a point to always visit Aniel enjoying his conversation, hospitality, products, tips and advice during BOM and DXB layovers.rnrnAniel's leather goods and products are excellent and made to last. His airside bag is essential for all pilots who commute. I have also ordered many leather jackets that were 'custom fitted' including a leather layover jacket. He always has something 'new' to show you! rnrnAniel has always supported all Flight Crews ensuring that our layover is enjoyable and safe! He is a essential member of our community, considered 'one of the crew' and a friend of 25 years.

    John Capt 777ATL Delta Air Lines

    Former Western Airlines

    2016-07-30 08:59:29
  • Todd Sundberg, Kentucky USA

    I've purchased many things over the years, from Aneil's store. The quality and service are top notch. The thing I like the most, is if there is anything wrong, Aneil will go out of his way to make sure you are happy. I have seen this first hand. You can trust Rodeo Drive and Aneil

    Todd UPS ANC pilot

    2016-07-30 08:58:42
  • Bill Senn UPS pilot ANC, USA

    Aniel has found the sweet spot with pilot uniform shirts. His blend with the special high end polyester cotton material stays soft wash after wash. They iron easily while on the road, even after harsh laundromat machines. And, his custom sized bedsheets and leather goods makes for a happy wife. The UPS uniform leather jacket should be the one the company buys (like FedEx now does) instead of the heavy, elephant hide thickness of the Perrone jacket that UPS and Southwest provide. Well worth purchasing that one yourself! His custom dress and "untuckit" style shirts are impeccable. Aniel and his staff offer first class service at reasonable prices and unmatched hospitality! You owe yourself a trip to his Mumbai or Dubai store.

    2016-07-30 08:57:49
  • Doug Claxton NWA now DELTA DTW, Las Vegas, NV

    I have been dealing with Aniel & his staff for 16 yrs. His products are of the HIGHEST Quality & I'm still using & wearing some of the leather jackets & bags I first bought in his Bombay store 15+ yrs ago! HIs customer Service is THE BEST! You won't find anyone more dedicated & eager to please the you! Online ordering is easy & timely! If you want something special made, Aniel is your man! Thanks for your quality & kindness over the years Aniel! rnWarmest Regards, Doug Claxton

    2016-07-30 08:57:00
  • Lee Gustin, Texas

    Best designed, fitting and softest leather jacket I\'ve ever owned in 40 years of military and civilian flying. Highly recommend to anyone and happy for all FedEx pilots who are about own their own.\r\nThanks Aniel!
    2016-07-30 08:22:52
  • Andy Ross, Anchorage, AK

    Just received my custom UPS flight jacket. It fits great, has quality workmanship, was on time, and can be used off-duty as well. There are many other great items available at the store that are useful to crews and other frequent travelers. For example, check out his new ID badge holder.
    2016-07-30 08:22:46