Collapsible Nylon Wine Bag




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    Color :Black

    Description : *This bag is designed to accommodate 3 OR 6 bottles of scotch/wine bottles. 
    *Each side is expandable and accommodates 3 bottles. 
    *Its made from cowhide and the thickness which collapses is made from Nylon. 
    *It has inside zipper to store dry ice for keeping wine chilled (if needed). 
    *It has a velcro strap to slide over any rollaboard handle bars. 
    *This bag was possible thanks to inputs from over 50 pilots. 
    *The bag when not in use has the size mentioned above. 
    *When expanded it measures to 12.5" L x 9.5" H x 7" W. 
    *And above all when collapsed it fits vertically inside our Regular Size Commuter Bag.

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    Collapsible Nylon Wine Bag

    Collapsible Nylon Wine Bag

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