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Showing 1 - 9 of 30 items

Premium high-quality pilot shirts made as per airline company compliance are available with Rodeo Drive Pilot Shop. The different Airline uniform shirts (be it Lufthansa, FedEx, Delta, American Airlines, and more) available are Ready-to-wear Polycotton Pilot Shirts, Customized Polycotton Pilot Shirts, and Customized 100% Cotton Pilot Shirts. All of them are available for both Men and Women Pilots. The features available in all Uniform Shirts are: Super Stitching(single Point Stitch), Wrinkle-free material, Machine Washable, Single needle thread stitch, Puckering-free clear stitching, long-lasting, Made as per airline rules, Dense weave, Double fused classic collar we call it }Unbend Colla”, available in long and short sleeves, great for all-weather as well as tropical climate. The Polycotton material shirts are made using polyester and cotton in a 70:30 ratio. This material is the most popular, it's wrinkle-free machine wash and wears, 90 %of the orders are in this material.

The 100% Egyptian Giza cotton material shirts are comfortable to wear, they breathe and protect as well. They can be starched and dry-cleaned. Men's Ready-made Pilot Shirts are available in sizes from 38 to 60 and Women's Pilot Shirts from 2 to 22.

Customizations can be done of course based on size, traditional button, velcro pockets or false flap, epaulets, wing pins, pen pockets, slim fit. You can go for short sleeves or long sleeves. When you order a long-sleeve shirt, we can make one cuff bigger than the other to accommodate a wristwatch. In a long-sleeve shirt, there's extra material hanging in the sleeves, for which we put a dotted seam so that it goes flattered.

On the backside of the shirt, there's a small hidden vertical seam starting from the collar seam going down to few inches so that when you wear the shirt, that split seam that extra material that comes out goes flattered. These types of arrangements are done by very high-end British custom pilot shirt makers and Italian shirt makers. It is called a MITRED YOKE which also helps with the movement of arms comfortably.  When you place the order for Custom Pilot Uniform Shirt, the tailor first cuts the material which is then machine washed. All customization and specifications are followed as per your requirement and airline rules and compliance. After finishing and manufacturing, the shirts are machine washed again, ironed inside out, and packed to dispatch to you. 

Rodeo Drive Leathers has been a trusted Pilot Uniform and Dress Shirt Supplier across many countries and airlines. Check out reviews and testimonials given by genuine buyers by selecting the products above.

How to Order Pilot Shirts?

Step 1. Select your product by clicking 'Add to kitbag' - We offer a large variety of compliant products in many styles and options. Anything you require, you can find with us!

Step 2. Login / Register – If you are ordering for the first time, you need to Register with us. It takes less than 1 minute. If you’ve ordered before, you simply have to log in.

Step 3. Payment - We offer secure payment by Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

Step 4. Measurement Submission – You can either give your body measurements or measure one of your best fitting garment. Our Measurement guide is easy to use. How and where to measure is shown using pictures and detailed descriptions. If you don’t wish to measure, you could send the garment to us to replicate it, Please email before sending.

Important: For body measurements, please wear innerwear and then measure

Step 5. Production and delivery - Your order will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 weeks after confirmation.

How to take the measurement for ordering the pilot shirts:

Chest measurement: Place the tape under the sleeve joints on the edge & measure across the other end.

Waist Measurement: Place the tape on the edge of the narrowest point & measure across the other end.

Bottom measurement: Place the tape on the edge of the bottom & measure across the other end.

Shoulder measurement: Place the tape on the joint of the shoulder & center crease of the sleeve, and measure across the other end. 

Front Length: Place the tape on the joint of the shoulder & front (under the collar) & measure straight down till the end.

Arm Hole: Place the tape at the junction of the shoulder & center crease of the sleeve, & measure (curved tape) till the sleeve joint.

Long Sleeve: Place the tape on the joint of the shoulder & center crease of the sleeve, & measure straight till the cuff.

Long Sleeve Cuff: Measure the cuff straight from edge to edge.

Short-Sleeve: Place the tape on the joint of the shoulder & center crease of the sleeve, & measure till the end.

Short-Sleeve Opening: Measure across the edge of the sleeve as shown.

Collar: Place the tape on the center of the button and measure straight to the center of the buttonhole.

Shirt Size: e.g.: 16/32

Body Posture: Athletic, Standard, Medium, Big

Back Style: Pleats, Darts, Plain

Pocket Shape: Pleat pocket, pleat less pocket, V Shape Pocket

Pocket Flaps Style: Tradition flap with button, Traditional flap with Velcro, False flap with show button

Epaulets/Shoulder Straps: Yes/No

Wing Pin Reinforcement: Wing Pin Reinforcement above Pocket, Wing Pin Reinforcement on Flap, Wing Pin Reinforcement above Pocket & Flap, None.

Pen and Reading Glass Slot: Pen Slot, Reading Glass Slot, Not Required

Collar Stiffeners Plastic: Fixed/Detachable

Special Instructions (if any)

Your Height

Your details like Name, Email address, mobile number

Color: White, Black, Blue

Quantity required

Sleeves: Short or Long

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are single-needle thread shirts?

Shirts made with single needle thread are the highest quality custom shirts in the world. In layman’s terms, it’s 18 to 20 stitches per square inch. In single needle thread custom pilot shirts, the quality of the stitching threads is very high.

2. In Polycotton Pilot Shirts, what is the ratio of Polyester to Cotton?

With years of experience and pilot inputs and insights, we have locked down to this fabric. It’s specially made from a textile loom in Mumbai. 70:30. Polycotton material also called Blend and is 30% cotton and 70% polyester

3. Which one is better, Polycotton or 100% Cotton?

Polycotton or blend material is selected by pilots who prefer machine wash wrinkle-free uniform shirts. Pilots who go for the 100 percent cotton prefer dry-cleaning and starch their uniform shirt. Egyptian cotton material is used in 100% cotton. This fabric is breathable and protects as well and gets no static in airplanes.

4. What customizations are offered in Pilot Shirts?

You can customize your shirt by specifying your choices E.g. Traditional button pocket or a Velcro pocket with a dummy button or a False flap pocket. You can go for epaulets, wing pins, one pen pocket, two pen pockets, or no pen pocket. You can opt for a reading glass arrangement. You can also opt for detachable plastic spines or fixed spines that support the collar. Buttons can also be customized.

5. How do you make Women’s Pilot Shirts different from that of Men?

We specialize in women's custom pilot uniform shirts which are also made with single needle thread. The buttons can be hidden by a placket in women’s shirts although they can be opted to be exposed. Women’s pilot shirts have more buttons than a men's shirt. We make a collar deliberately smaller and pockets smaller proportionate to the shirt size. And darts front and back in a form of a princess seam to give a nice shape and taper at the waist if needed.

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