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We are a leather jacket and custom shirt making company specializing in Made 2 Measure

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Showing 1 - 9 of 43 items

We specialize in high-quality CUSTOM leather jackets for males and females. We do standard sizes or ‘ off the rack’ also. We are in custom business since 1991 and have evolved our expertise over the years with end-user inputs We believe in ON-DEMAND manufacturing and bespoke customization.

You have a photo or sample. WE CAN MAKE IT. With our expertise, we also suggest modifications to the jacket selected wrt your size info. We have more experience than any machine learning bot. No kidding. Nothing in the custom world is perfect. But we are best at our work using a proprietary self-designed algorithm better than any AI artificial intelligence in use for customization We recommend suggest modifications in style color and fitting better than any AR augmented reality if available

Why do we need customization? Not just for people who don’t get standard sizing. Today we have the technology available to make the logistics simple. Regular Fit is now BAGGY. People are wanting to be more fitter and now want sizes that are super slim flits. We save info on file so if ever needed again we just need your name. Custom fitting is old school and the correct way of manufacturing which is forgotten by the fast pace smartphone world we live in. And it’s a little bit more price than off the rack prices but very much affordable by all.

Here is Leather Jackets review by Sandra Hees from Lufthansa Munich Crew:

Ich bin Flugbegleiter von Lufthansa und fliege hin und wieder nach Mumbai. Da ich ein großer Lederfan bin und immer wieder außergewöhnliche Sachen in Magazinen finde,die ich unbedingt haben möchte,habe ich mich irgendwann an aniel gewandt. Es hat sich mit der Zeit eine Freundschaft zwischen uns entwickelt. Jedes Mal,wenn ich wieder mit meinen Magazinseiten zu ihm komme,bzw sie ihm vorab sende,mit der Bitte,ob er das bitte für mich nachschneidern kann,ist er schon immer ganz verzweifelt und sagt,‘Sandra,warum hast du immer so komplizierte Sachen..‘:-) Aber am Ende bekommt er und sein Team es immer genau so hin. Ich bin jedesmal aufs neue begeistert! Das Leder,die Farben,die Qualität und das genaue nachschneidern.. Der absolute Wahnsinn! Ich werde noch ein paar Sachen abfotografieren und hinzufügen,die er mir geschneidert hat. Ganz egal,ob man bei ihm eine ‚normale ‚ Lederjacke oder etwas ganz außergewöhnliches schneidern lassen möchte,ich kann aniel wirklich nur wärmstens empfehlen!

English translation:

As I am a flight attendant from Lufthansa,I am every here and now in Mumbai. I always see leather clothes in magazines,where I fall in love with and want to have it. So,Aniel already knows me and we delevoped a friendship by the time. He also knows,when I arrive with all my magazine fashion leather stuff,that it won‘t be easy to tailor all of this and he put his hands already in front of his face and says:this will be difficult! the the end... It ALL has been perfect!!! I will show you some pictures of what he has done already for me. The quality,the leather,the colours and the style.. PERFECT!!! He take his time for measuring ,so that at the end,all fits perfect. If you ever want to have something get tailored in leather,weather a normal piece of clothe or something extraordinary... Go to aniel!!!:-) or visit the order forms on his website.

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