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  • Capt Larry Price, Delta Air Lines

    Well Aniel, as you have probably heard Delta has retired the 777.  That is disappointing news to hundreds of Delta pilots,  myself included.   Many of us have been forced to bid the A350 if we want to maintain the same pay scale.  I have been awarded the A350 in Detroit for now.   Not sure where all they want to fly that but I hope Mumbai is one of the destinations.   I have had three trips to Mumbai and I will be very have been what made each layover memorable.   I love my bag you made, and the history and amazing Indian meals you provided were wonderful.   I still have some shirts to get from you, and if possible would like to shift over to the more wrinkle free least as far as the uniform shirts go.  Anyway,  you are a Prince of a guy and have more than lived up to all the glowing stories I had heard about "Aniel" before I had ever flown to your country.   I hope more than anything I can get back to your fair city and we can share a "tap water" again.

    2020-07-16 09:40:46
  • Eric Sobol, ATL B-777

    Thank you Aniel for bringing my new Tall Airside Commuter Bag to the hotel. My first one lasted nearly 10 years. For the last 2 years I have been using (begrudgingly) a backpack in it’s place and every trip made me miss this bag even more. Your bag is well thought out and manufactured. The new additions of even stronger zippers andrnshorter handles to minimize bag drag, made the bag more appealing than ever. Now, everything is well organized and easily reachable again and digging through the bottom of a backpack searching for things has finally ended. The extra height of the tall bag allows me to bring home a few extra gifts for the family, I love it. It truly is the best commuter bag I’ve owned in 30 years of commercial flying. Thank you Aniel, you are invaluable to all the pilots, not just at Delta, but all the airlines. Hope they lift the COVID lockdown here soon

    2020-07-16 09:39:38
  • Diksha Gaikwad, Phoenix Market City, Mumbai

    Talking about Pain Points I think I don’t really have any with respect to Rodeo Drive! Beacuse right from the first time we met the way your presented us with your product range, a little bit history of the company, your clients, then other segments you cater into was something that was phenomenal! And ever since, it has been a very comforting relationship! There was no sort of hesitation to reach out to you for anything! You were always there to respond with any query of ours right form the authenticity of the product to the product range, the pricing and even the delivery date for that matter! Which you told us the other bag won’t be delivered within the deadline because of the intricate detailing. I think it is really vital to communicate clearly with your customers because that’s how you build trust and lasting relationships! And with you Mr. Aniel I am sure we’ll go a long way ahead it’s because the way you communicate and believe in building relationships rather than just doing business for the sake of it. You create a favorable experience for a customer and that’s what differentiates you from other other brands. As opposed to this other brands wouldn’t have hesitated about giving me a wrong delivery date and would have kept pushing beacuse people do this for getting bulk orders! And they will usually just be interested in showing the product you ask for and not all the other things, they have in their portfolio. Also, with you Mr. Aniel and Rodeo Drive it’s about making new relationships, whereas other brands are purely Business Driven. I personally have interacted with alot of brands for the same requirement But I must say, I have had the best interaction with you by all means.

    2020-05-23 06:12:15
  • Saurabh Mishra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    2020-05-23 05:40:37
  • Rusty Wolfard, FedEx Pilot MEM

    Good Afternoon Aniel
    Love my jacket!!!
    Absolutely love my shirts too!!

    Do you think you could make more shirts!

    Hope all is well with you and yours on the Covid19 quarantining.

    Rusty Wolfard
    FedEx Pilot MEM

    2020-05-23 05:07:30
  • Dean, NA

    Aniel makes a great shirt! He is extremely professional and did an outstanding job when working with me to get the best fit.. I highly recommend this shirt

    2020-03-11 10:01:11
  • Mark Rafferty, Pilot ATL B777,Delta Air Lines

    Hello Aniel,

    The much anticipated leather jacket arrived, very well packed, yesterday. You did a great job of measuring me because the jacket fits beautifully. Love the buttery texture. And my wife thinks it looks great, so we cleared that hurdle.
    I’ve also been enjoying the folding leather satchel. Perfect accompaniment to my rolling suitcase.
    I’m so glad Mark Nichols introduced us. Great to have a friend on the other side of the world. No more Mumbai in February but there’s always March.
    Take care and thanks ,

    Mark Rafferty
    Pilot ATL B777
    Delta Air Lines

    2020-01-24 08:36:49
  • Michael Solomita, Delta Crew

    Greetings Aniel,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful jacket. The craftsmanship, quality, and care really show well in the final product.

    In fact, I need you to send me the "sizing sheet" In order to give you measurements for an additional jacket.

    When you have time if you could send that off to me, I'd appreciate it. Thank you once again for making in sending the jacket.


    Thank you.

    Michael Solomita
    Delta Crew

    2020-01-24 01:51:32
  • Paul Nickell, FedEx MD-11 Captain

    I recently received my size 39 FedEx leather flight jacket.

    Thanks so much for assisting me with the sizing and purchase. Through two telephone conversations and your suggestion to take and forward you pictures of me wearing different sizes of the jacket in the FedEx Air Operations Center, you were able to nail the size. It fits perfectly!

    I love it and will wear it with pride for many years to come!

    Paul Nickell
    FedEx MD-11 Captain

    2020-01-20 03:12:18

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