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We are a leather jacket and custom shirt making company specializing in Made 2 Measure

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  • Paul Nickell, FedEx MD-11 Captain

    I recently received my size 39 FedEx leather flight jacket.

    Thanks so much for assisting me with the sizing and purchase. Through two telephone conversations and your suggestion to take and forward you pictures of me wearing different sizes of the jacket in the FedEx Air Operations Center, you were able to nail the size. It fits perfectly!

    I love it and will wear it with pride for many years to come!

    Paul Nickell
    FedEx MD-11 Captain

    2020-01-20 03:12:18
  • Capt Dale Carter, FedEx

    These are the BEST shirts I've ever owned! Butter smooth fabric that is virtually wrinkle-free, holds its shape and fits wonderfully well thanks to Aniel's custom fitting parameters. Highly recommend!!

    2019-12-16 04:35:57
  • Patrick Sheppard, Retired Captain at Delta Air Lines, Inc.

    One of the best vendors of anything a pilot or flight attendant might need.

    2019-12-16 04:33:05
  • Tony Huelin, FedEx

    I've had the chance to wear the new shirts. The pockets and buttons are perfect. Thanks for making them better.

    Tony Huelin

    2019-12-12 01:37:58
  • Capt Dave Brown, Delta Air Lines, United States

    Just received mine and they are simply the best uniform shirts I've worn in my 28 year career hands down.

    2019-12-05 07:38:07
  • Dan Piraino, Delta Air Lines,B-767 JFK

    Dear Aniel,

    Thank you for the prompt construction and delivery of my customized new commuter bag.

    My first commuter bag lasted almost 20 years and literally millions of miles! The bag has been with me on 6 continents and I do not leave home without it!

    It was time for an upgrade (both the bag and me!) Thank you for working with me to customize my replacement bag. Over the years I learned my preferences. Not only did you construct the bag exactly as we agreed, you were very patient in sending drawings to me to review the various changes.

    I only have 16 years of flying remaining, and that will go my quickly. Rest assured my Bombay Commuter bag will travel many more miles at my side!

    Thank you,

    Dan Piraino
    Delta Air Lines
    B-767 JFK

    2019-05-23 06:36:06
  • Captain Stephen Glenn, Memphis, USA

    Five years ago I purchased my leather jacket from Bombay Crew Mall.  I love it - it is the most comfortable jacket I have ever worn.  I ordered the jacket online, and Aniel emailed me several times to check my measurements and ensure a perfect fit.
    This year I accidentally ripped the leather.  I shipped the jacket to Aniel and he promptly repaired it perfectly, for a very reasonable fee.
    I will happily continue to wear this jacket for many years.
    Captain Stephen Glenn
    Fedex Express
    2017-12-22 02:20:12
  • Gay Schmid, Salt Lake City

    I first met Aniel when my husband started flying 777s to Mumbai. Aniel is an absolute treasure! The minute you walk in his shop or meet him in the crew hotel, he and his staff treat you like family. Need a leather bag? Custom leather jacket to bring home to a loved one? Stylish leather purse? Aniel crafts them all -- with superlative quality and workmanship -- and at an incredibly reasonable prices. Aniel manages the fittings in person with ease. Ordering online can be more challenging but not for Aniel! He goes to the lengths of the earth to ensure that everything you order is perfect. Aniel is also an amazing innovator and always has some new product on hand that after you purchase it, you wonder how you managed without it. I can't recommend Aniel more highly!!!

    Mrs Schmid



    2016-08-18 06:50:53
  • Tim Powell, Athens, Ga

    Purchased a leather jacket as well as some pilot shirts. Shirts are very comfortable and custom made with such features as metal collar stays and a design to prevent the tails from pulling out. Aniel offers many custom features to make your shirt the way you want them. I've been very pleased with the quality and look of the shirts and jacket.

    Tim P

    United Pilot


    2016-08-14 02:54:37

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