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  1. Jun – Sept is Southwest Monsoon.
  2. Nov – Jan Winter.
  3. Mar – May Summer.


BOM Layover Info


Average temperature around 28 degrees Centigrade.


Below is some valuable information provided, thanks to various inputs from the crews visiting BOM.


Dos and Don'ts


  • As you arrive at the airport early morning, you may find a lot of beggars, please do not give them anything except some food stuffs (if you really want to).


  • Please carry your own drinking water from the plane OR buy from your hotel.
  • If you buy soda, do not take ice, as ice is from regular water. Go for soda cans. Similarly NO ice-tea.

During monsoon OR otherwise please make sure the following if you eat in a restaurant:
       ·        Do not eat salads as they are cleaned in tap water.
       ·        Do not eat mint-sauce (mint-sauce if not fresh can make you sick) OR any other cold sauce, pickles.
       ·        Do not eat any type of yogurts.


So what can you eat, 
·        …..anything that is hot and cooked food and nothing cold (except cold beer).


If you follow these instructions you can survive even in place like Cambodia.


About Tips.


  1. The restaurants tips are about 10% of the bill.
  2. Tips to baggage helpers, room service in the Hotel is about US $1.


Have a good layover.

Hope to see you soon.

Best, Aniel Bakhru

Cell : (+91- 9867023201)

Dubai Layover Info

Greetings from DXB (Dubai) 

If planning a non Rev or work trip

Please note the foll

      1. Dress code for men and women

        Although Dubai is an International city with no issues but the authorities request long pants and sleeves covered. If not there's not an issue. But 1 hr away Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Emirate this is mandatory

      2. Food and water is safe. Although I wouldn't do tap water
      3. Alcohol 

        It's not safe to have alcohol in public or if offered at stores while shopping. It's not legal. There are restaurants that have alcohol available. Dubai has no taxation so for everything there's a license fee. So if a store or restaurant does not have a license they are illegally serving alcohol. 

        You can buy 4 bottles from duty free when u arrive into dubai as this is much cheaper option

      4. Must do site seeing is

        Desert safart

        hop on hop off tour

        burj khalifa the tallest bldg in the world

        bury Al Arab an expensive hotel

        dubai mall

        mall of Emirates for indoor skiing

        gold souk

        spice market

        Not all tour companies are good let us know and we can guide u a correct tour operator

      5. The best time to visit is nov to Mar. If it's summer it's toughest weather. 
      6. Shopping in dubai is great for Gold but jewellery made in dubai is way too expensive 

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